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COAEE (Confessions Of An Emotional Eater) -Day 10

09:45 Breakfast. One slice bread,ham,cheese. Run, Forest, run! You're almost late!

13:00 Shower. New shower gel. Smells like chocolate or caramel or creamy nutty spread. Nutella in shower gel form! I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. Mmmm...sweet. Don't judge my soapy ass, you get dessert in any shape or form you can! Seize the moment!

13:30 I've been craving this for a while now! Shut up and judge me. 500 ml milk, vanilla, lemon zest, 50 gr. semolina, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tsp sour cherries in syrup. Love in a freakin' bowl. Mmmyes, mmyes, comfort me from the inside out!

14:12 Boyfriends enriches my life/poisons me with this:

Ate grissini because of hunger and delayed supposed-to -be -lunch eventually became dinner. A bunch of plans were changed today. We were supposed to go to town (literally!) buy purty plates and have sushi for lunch.Instead, we bought no plates, went to the Italian place around the corner and I went on a long journey for a piece of fresh beef.

18:00 Dinner: Cheese, prosciuto, salami, sun dried tomatoes, olives, yum yum!

Gnocchi (not fluffy ones,though) with mussels and squid. With lime sauce. Yum.

18:35 Done. Feeling sleepy as fuck. Is the carbs? Is it me? Is it the combination?! Too late for such questions.

19:00 Embarked on the “beef trip”. Not as good as it sounds.

21:00 Back home. I wanna fall on a bear and stay on his fluffy forever.

22:00 Crawled on the floor repeatedly, called it light yoga. I love the floor. The floor loves me. Mantra. I haz it.

23:31 Almost-midnight snack.

01:37 Wrote this. I hope to sleep now. Smoothly and peacefully. Peace out!

This was Day 10. See you tomorrow. And the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after day, forever and ever and ever.